Thank you for welcoming me into your house of yoga. When I joined Yoga with Yumi studio, I was unfamiliar,and had a misconception of who would be taking these classes. Seeing the other students that varied in age, gender, and body type helped me to relax and understand that yoga truly is for everyone. You helped me to perfect my poses and understand my body by offering suggestions on how to engage in the poses. I thoroughly enjoy our small, intimate classes and feel as though I have become a part of a small yoga family.  I look forward to attending yoga classes each week

Adrianne McCraw

I started taking yoga from Yumiko over 4 years ago. It changed my life! I had never practiced yoga before and I was very nervous. Ever since the first day, Yumi’s kindness and compassion shines through. Quiet, calm, unassuming, passionate…these are some of the words I would use to describe her.  She encouraged me to do what I could, and not compare myself to anyone else in the class. My mat, my island! I was overweight, out of shape, inflexible and a type 2 diabetic taking 4 pills a day to control the diabetes.

Within a few months of practicing yoga, I began to notice I was having low blood sugar incidences. So I researched the benefits of yoga (which I had not done initially). One of the very first benefits listed on every site I checked was “yoga practice can help a diabetic lower their blood sugar”. I had not changed any other thing, not even my diet and that’s when my doctor and I began lowering my medication, one half pill at a time. As of January, 2016 I am no longer on any medicine for my diabetes.  I highly recommend Yumiko. It has been the most valuable hour of my day!

Melissa Collins

Having yoga in your life is a great thing. Having a great teacher to accompany you makes the journey that much more welcoming. I’m very happy to have found Yoga with Yumis’ studio. Her attention to fundamentals and her encouragement have helped me progress and feel awesome! And honestly, in terms of price, you can’t possibly beat this!

Paul Jeffrey

I have been at yoga for the past 4 years at Yoga with Yumi studio and cannot express what a difference it has made to my life and how wonderful Yumiko is.  I attend classes 5 days a week for the past 5 years and  enjoy the experience.  She is a highly skilled instructor and great to see every week!  I highly recommend this studio to anyone looking for a Yoga studio.

Sandra Melville

I stumbled across Yoga with Yumi 2 years ago via Living Social and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. The studio is nice, simple, and clean. Yumi and the other yogis are simply amazing. They truly live a life of acceptance, nurturing, and gratitude. If you have never tried yoga before or if you are the well experienced yogi, this is the place for you. Everyone is welcome and made to feel wanted. In a world of deadlines and cynicism, it is genuinely a nice place to be. My young son even enjoys coming. Come for a class, stay for a meaningful experience that will enrich your soul and your life. Namaste.

Stephanie Tomlinson

Yumis Hatha Yoga class is amazing! She is a kind, skilled and consistent Yogi who demonstrates and holds every pose in every class and always offers assistance and recommendations where needed. I strongly recommend Yumis classes to everyone!

Timothy Gray

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